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What Is The Definition Of Sushi?

What Is The Definition Of Sushi? The definition of 'Sushi'is the 'Japanse Cookery Method' and is a Japanese Delicacy.
The literal meaning of the word is vinegar-flavored rice and its a noun.

Sushi is known mistakenly to always contain raw ingredients and raw fish , but it is only some of
the ingredients that form part of the specific sushi dish that might contain raw ingredients.
The majority of the meal, like the rice is cooked.

Sushi is prepared or classified in five main ways and these are called in order of popularity:

5.Inari Sushis.

Sushi rice is the staple ingredient in all of sushi meals.
When Sushi is prepared a rice with stickiness is needed and to accomplish this Japonica rice is used.
Japonica rice is a short – grained sticky rice. The rice is then mixed with a dressing with the ingredients of rice vinegar,
sugar, salt, kombu and sake. The right stickiness is a essential quality to the success of the dish.